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Main » 2015 » February » 14 » The Dark Tower Is Back...
1:12 AM
The Dark Tower Is Back...



It's been a while...

THE DARK TOWER first began to Review Musician's back in 1991 - A pinnacle year for "The Network Founder". The very first 'Review' that we did, believe it or not, was Mark Summers' "Magic Roundabout/Summer's Magic', one of the most played 'Dance Tracks' of the 1990's Club Scene:

Starting his musical career as a London club DJ at the age of 15 (playing Disco/Soul/Funk/Electro until a transition to House music in 1986), Mark Summers became a UK recording artist and studio engineer in 1989 with his involvement on the underground Rave track "Meltdown" by Quartz. Following a dispute over ownership and royalties of "Meltdown" between Summers and the other two Quartz members, Summers decided to release his own first solo work "Melt Your Body" - which was moderately based upon "Meltdown", made in retaliation by Summers after the dispute. By January 1990, "Melt Your Body" had outsold "Meltdown" by 3:1, it entered the UK top 100 sales chart, and in recognition of this Mark Summers was firmly established as a promising new UK dance music producer.

Due to big responses from playing his own tracks whilst DJ-ing, Summers signed a two-single deal with Island Records' offshoot urban dance label 4th & Broadway, in May 1990. The first single "Party Children" just missed the UK top 75, whereas the second single "Summers Magic" climbed up the UK chart to peak at number 17, in January 1991. "Summers Magic" gained instant recognition as the first ever dance track to heavily feature a sample of music from a children's TV theme tune, in this case it was the BBC's "The Magic Roundabout".

The Hardcore/Breakbeat/Techno ("Rave") driven kids' TV sampling phenomenon of "Summers Magic" seemingly provided inspiration for many other artists, including The Prodigy, releasing their first ever single "Charly". Before entering the UK national charts, the majority of Rave followers believed "Charly" was possibly the work of Mark Summers and his follow-up to "Summers Magic". The Prodigy's track eventually charted in July 1991, almost 7 months following the ground-breaking "Summers Magic". "Summers Magic" was later to appear in the opening of the 2013 comedy film, "The World's End", although it doesn't appear on the soundtrack album. During 1991-93, Summers produced and remixed tracks mainly in the musical styles first labeled as "Hardcore" and "Jungle", which later morphed itself into the breakbeat-driven music genre now commonly known as "Drum 'N Bass".

(Above Info courtesy of WikiPedia)

It was published in Leeds University's (Leeds Metropolitan University) Rag Mag and received a payment of £5.00! Read by an estimated 2,500 Students at the time, and for this reason the Reviews continued and began to become more respected by build and reputation for being open, honest and truthful, while at the same time appraised by some of the actual artist's...In 1999, it was favoured upon "The Dark Tower" running in line with a more technological appearance, and so, the Founder opened up a Free Blogsite on "WordPress" and since then never looked back on relying on 'Paper Magazine Format', although all but one contact acquired through "The Dark Tower's' journey were additionally invited to remain a part of the group - The [MKDS] Network - and so build yet another stronger purpose and default where 'Music' and 'Musicians' were concerned.

By 2005 "The Dark Tower" was running side-by-side other Projects; including "The Red Hive" and, most recently given its very own web domain "GWN: Online" which broke down several Exclusive News Channels throughout "The Network" itself: Tomorrow's News, Today, Global World News and, the most sought after "The Hi-Tech Hive". As for "The Dark Tower" origins, it has only recently stepped up a further level and in doing so, the future of the website and its continued 'Reviews' placed as priority, as well as 'Great Importance' for its past, present and future involvements with the hundred's of musician's who all three conduits of "The Network " respect and support.


Welcome Back To The Dark Tower...

With a vast amount of information, data and support for those who "The Dark Tower" represent, it is with great pleasure we welcome one and all to our website's, spanning many and supporting all who we Review...


© 1999/2020. The Dark Tower/The [MKDS] Network/GWN: Online. All rights reserved.

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