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Main » 2012 » June » 20 » Welcome To "The Dark Tower" Music Reviewer
0:20 AM
Welcome To "The Dark Tower" Music Reviewer
A very warm welcome to "The Dark Tower", the music review BlogSpot that is going to show you a very different side to the coin of Music construction, and fundamentals of melodic cultural entwinings. When you are ready to take the Key Notes by the hand and allow them to bring you inside a consortium of relevance, enchantment and core-laden discussion, then we will begin...

The Dark Tower offer's only the pickings of Music past, present and future. It offer's nothing more than music that has been created, made and in development, while on the other side of the coin we have the music that has influenced a hundred of our generations through the keyhole of space and time - to which we named History - while among the seedless growth of the Music Industry, we are subjected to
pesticides of an age where personal opnion is worth very little...

The Dark Tower is the construction field of those who have stood up and stepped forward where other's have feared to tred and will forever refuse to venture for the sake of their name; though what is a name but an identity given by the PC World of which you are acustom. What is a name but a triangulated effort to label, number and educate others as to placing a name to the facial grimace or smile to ones behaviour...

The Dark Tower is a cell that is growing in the hearts and ears of the viewer, the listener, the reviewer, the one who breaks the chain in which holds them away from melody, and away from something that would otherwise keep their soul from dancing within the spirit of good, great and phenomenal music. Think DJ. Think Musician. Think Band. Think Revolutionary sounds from Past, Present and Future...Welcome to "The Dark Tower".

Views: 1316 | Added by: MKDS67 | Tags: music revolution, Play, Radio, Frequency, construction, FUTURE, disc jockey, listings, Past, Present | Rating: 4.0/1
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