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Main » 2014 » March » 10 » FOTC - As The Story Goes (Reviewed)…
11:55 PM
FOTC - As The Story Goes (Reviewed)…

If we were to say that "Friday” by Freedom of the City was one of the freshest indie singles to cross our desk (at the time), and that the as yet unreleased "Boots of Leather” lifted the hairs at the back of all our necks, then it would not surprise any of our Readers and Followers of The Red Hive and The Dark Tower, that "As The Story Goes” has caused more than an Electrical Storm through our Wall of Sound - literally.

Here we have a 150% array of hard hitting guitar work opening up the cues for the talented George Brown (FOTC’s Lead Singer and Guitarist), Simon Goodwin (Drummer), Paul Cantwell (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), and Matej Velicky (Bass) who takes this track into, through and beyond the chasms of satisfying listening from a seated position, to a more up and at it stance of ‘Alt/Rock Ready’ Live magnitude. Nevertheless, Studio Set or Live, it would be the same result and outcome for the listener who has succumbed to the very same freshly pressed, reinvented and off the methodology chart of previous musicians and bands that have created a potential hit in itself.

With more than sixty percent of The Dark Tower expressing their opinions on the Opening Guitar Intro, it is safe to say that most of listeners hearing this track will agree that there is a Mark Knopfler, Brian May, even Eric Clapton style of play going on. As for band styles, certainly those outside of the Indie Box of melodic overtures would stand at ‘The Mission’, ‘Guns & Roses’, and maybe even that of ‘Def Leppard’ in amplitude. Truly a perfect choice to get attention, while simmering down for a Vocal invasion that has the hallmarks (in our opinion) of Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) for the soothing, but powerful deliverance of vocals that are absolutely superb.

In-depth deconstruction of this track has brought The Dark Tower to conclude that "As The Story Goes” consists of nothing less than a would-be  high ranking Summer hit that would no doubt be a selected title track for those out and about in their convertibles, driving to or from a spellbinding destination, or, possibly a select track for a high end motion picture that expels the more down beat and grim noir sounds to opt for energy, lift and fast track beaconised placement. All of these examples are fine for such a top class record that will without a doubt celebrate a following who has kept Freedom of the City in a category of substance, awesomeness and rating above serious status within the music field.

As we sit with baited breath for "fotc’s” new forthcoming album (as yet ‘Un-Named and) with as yet undisclosed ‘Track Listing’, it is already estimated that the Manchester band will come out of this on top. With ‘As The Story Goes’ not making the initial cut of the album, it was decided to change the atmosphere and location site to that of ‘Firelight Studios’, while working with Mikey Rowe, better known for his involvement with other great Manchester bands such as ‘Oasis’,  and ‘High Flying Birds’, the result of this collaboration is yet to be heard upon the album release which can only lead to one thing – Awesomeness awaiting its epic release.  As well as ‘As The Story Goes’, more is for the future release ‘Silence In Sound’, which, judging by the current creation is sure to emerge as yet another great sounding track. Recently revealed info we have been given is that ‘As The Story Goeshas not been ruled out entirely of being included on the forthcoming album, though to have heard and experienced it on ‘Soundcloud’ alone, has been quite an honour.

Additional and exclusive info we received is that there are 17 songs being recorded between Andy Macpherson’s Studio (Andy McPherson Produced both ‘Eric Clapton’ and ‘The Who’) and that of Freedom of the City’s own studio ‘Firelight Studios’, which in the end will be trimmed down to between 10 or 11 for the final cut album. Of course, if ‘As The Story Goes’ is just one example of this albums content, then we here at The Dark Tower don’t envy any of the Band or Production the job of making a choice. For further updates and information on this and much more why not place your ear on the pulse at @F_Lightstudios and @fotcmusic on Twitter.

The Dark Tower Rating: 9.5/10.00 (Indie Music)

Listen, Support, Follow or Interact with FOTC on the Following links:

SoundCloud 1 (As The Story Goes Single)

GB Sounds

@fotcmusic (Twitter)


Firelight Studios (Official Website)

If you are a Band – New to the Music Scene, or looking for a Recording Studio – then why not contact "Firelight Media Studios” with your query, questions or Booking Info. Email "FireLight Studios”.

2014©The Dark Tower/Freedom Of The City. All rights reserved.

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