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Main » 2013 » April » 28 » Freedom Of The City - Friday (Single Review)
4:46 AM
Freedom Of The City - Friday (Single Review)

When "Friday” came to life over the sound system here at "The Dark Tower” the first thing that came from the sad looking faces around the Manor was to turn up the volume. Strange as it would seem, but true, was that like an awakening army of otherwise zombiefied staff members they all got up and started interacting with the track; feet were tapping, heads were rocking, hands were hitting out at the invisible drum kits in the sky, and not even half way into the track the Air Guitars were out in respectful wake to the melodic and pleasant surge of George Brown’s fantastic guitar work.


Lyrically, the track has two main vents for its success; the first is the obvious toe tapper liking that will endeavour to get into everybody’s mind, while the sheer sharp differential freestyle basis will take it through many mainstream channels of the public domain. Whether on the radio, iTunes, CD, YouTube, or even MTV, it will be tracks such as "Friday”, "Colour My Mind”, "Firelights” and "Find You” that will open their journey as a successful name stepping into the limelight where they truly belong.

Personally, it is the dream of ‘The Dark Tower’ to review this band’s debut EP, where upon the first note "Firelights” would be the opening gesture of favourite to the selection. Having chosen "Friday” however, which is equally as great sounding as the rest, it gives us all that get up and do feeling – As Sean Michael’s will no doubt bear witness to – from the start of this track, right to the very end.


Certainly making a difference from the many tracks that we have been asked to look at over the past couple of years, it would seem that "Freedom Of The City”, the band from Manchester has everything going on through their sound and style. As the lyrics come in with flawless timing that takes "Friday” on this fresh journey of awakening the spirit, we keep in mind the conventional stand in which brought other great music from the city, too, though the capture and progress of FOTC heightens the senses in more ways than one; the distinctive guitar riffs that remind us of so many past legendary similarities, the bass that matches up to the drive of the rhythmic tempo, the drums that holds the whole track together as it rolls into and through some pleasant chaos that becomes a nectar to the ears, and the vocals that stay on top form throughout while simmering perfectly for a sudden wake up finale, it is everything within this song that sounds surreal, vivid and intentional of the lyrics.


The Music Video

Often, as in so many cases the bands of today prefer to create music videos where the whole emphasis is on…Well – Sex; a band playing around scantily clad women is a great image to have, right? Wrong. Freedom Of The City have broken the mould with "Friday” which shows the whole reasons on why their lyrics pour so much dedication and conviction out to their listeners and viewers. George Brown’s look, too, gives the viewer no illusions on his ability to tackle the lyrics as well as Okay, so there are no flash nesting alter-egos flashing their bling, or lead singers driving around in fast cars while advertising products, or stars walking around looking good and selling the video to the ones who would rather vote for the celebrity than the original sound that is absorbing in their ears. The "Friday” track is what it is with no holds barred on the end result, and it is for this reason that they will surpass all the others for being the genuine deal.


Formed in June 2010 and hailing from Manchester, England, Freedom Of The City have created four tracks, with "Friday” boasting a very firm based Music Video that shows the dedication and determination of this Indie Band that is on the up. Certainly, from our point of view, there is nothing more serious happening in and around Manchester than FOTC. Having listened, watched and looked into this band intensely, we see no reason why they cannot be one of the next best thing in music coming out of Manchester, out of the United Kingdom and out into the world with global success.




The Band:

Freedom Of The City (aka FOTC for short) is a Mancunian four piece male band that serves in an Indie, Rock and Pop Group genre of musicians of whom both George Brown and Paul Cantwell certainly don't have any trouble tickling their guitar strings to produce an intoxicating degree of melodic and mesmerising structure, while Simon Goodwin beats out his drums to break the air with the rhythmic fluid bass from Matej Velicky’s setting off the entirety of tracks at a rate that would best serve the musical seekers who crave only the best sound. Fundamentally, we are looking at one of the newest – if not best Indie/Rock bands to emerge from Manchester in a very long time, and it certainly goes without saying that these guys know exactly where they're heading in terms of the musical cascade. George Brown’s whole attitude clearly shows that he is singing to be heard – and heard he is by the in-key rising phases, stepping stones and breaks that bring together perfectly executed songs.

After forming in June 2010, FOTC have headlined Futureheads and Kid British, while headlining in Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and London - as well as their very own home of Manchester at the renowned "Ruby Lounge” and ‘B.I.A.B (Band In A Box). It was all the hard work of their three year slog that brought them out with a Management Deal that has led them here in today’s society as one of the most noted Rock bands that stand alongside other greats such as Feeder and Radiohead in style, and who have entertained the world over, as will FOTC when finally their time will send them into the field of the known, the best regarded, most respected and finally, put them into the place where they truly deserve to be…This is Freedom Of The City, and they will rock your soul until it can’t rock no more. Whether it’s the solid gold plated cover version of "Just The Way You Are” from Bruno Mars, to the tear it down "Bleed The Sky Dry”, one thing's for sure in 2013, and that is "Freedom Of The City” are going to become a great asset to the music scene – and that’s a fact.



George Brown - Lead Vocals and lead guitar


Paul Cantwell - Rhythm guitar and vocals


Matej Velicky - Bass


Simon Goodwin – Drums



Future Live Gig Dates:


None Available



Listen To The Tracks:



                                                   © 2013 The Red Hive/Marcus De Kasabian De Storm. All Rights Reserved.

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