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Main » 2013 » March » 20 » Kassoma – Control (The Review)
10:39 PM
Kassoma – Control (The Review)

After receiving a brief "Tweet” from James Moon on my "Twitter”, I was curious of the bands’ name: "Kassoma”, which led me to take a little listen at the YouTube video that they had posted and have a listen…What happened next was something that both myself and The Dark Tower had not done in a long time – We broke this band down to its basic mechanics, it’s mere fundamental beginning’s, while reassembling, building up and scrutinizing the instruments of this monstrously huge Manchester music sensation – that is according to my two nine year old daughters, however.

As well as "Kassoma” having one of the greatest – catchiest – names on the music circuit so far in 2013, it was while listening to "Control” we discovered the new sound with a slightly respective essence of a distant past. Certainly, the likes of Indie’s Groups within todays mish-mash and sometimes mixed up ebb flowing music scene have missed something along the way, but where many have faltered, it would appear "Kassoma” have succeeded. The straight laced melody hinging at the end of a seriously hardened introduction has surpassed the risk of failure, bringing in the guitar while James Moon begins his lyrical journey of a ballad/soft rock enlightenment that will mark that pivotal remaking, resounding frequency of sound that has set the music industry ablaze with equal curiosity and wonder.

As with The Dark Tower, and indeed the music that we alone hand select to review, the usual jolt that we acquire with past bands, groups and solo artists normally draw an amount of shall we say "Electricity”, while our food for thought usually progresses from the melodic music that fills our yearning for "Public Interest”. However, with the Manchester based "Kassoma”, everything has been paused, stopped even, to the extent where we have actually broken the first rule of our law in which to inform the masses of our "Verdict”. Not a lot of people will like what we have to say, while the many will be sure relieved to hear the outcome that we believe is the best decision in our (short but fruitful) history of being a "Music Review Site”.

Our Honest Verdict…

Kassoma has had us up on our feet, enlightening the streets and locations that we have driven around, had people remark with anxious bated breath on how they love the new sound and asking where they can get the single, and most of all, we fear that we may have caused an uprising of avid "Kassoma” followers here in West Yorkshire – sorry guys. As far as the single is concerned, we love it, we can’t get enough of giving it maxed out "Air Play” while mobile, and we are thrilled, honoured and in the very best way and method of "Thanks”, we have become engrossed in awaiting your next single…And, we are so sure that "Kassoma” will have no problems with the current single, or the entry into a Top 10 spot. The Dark Tower will try its very best not to lose sight of this sensational bands progress through their journey to the top and respect Mr Moon’s privacy, but keep in touch when possible between his bands "World Tours”.


Who Are Kassoma?


James Moon - Vocals / Guitar / Piano

Will Tait - Guitar

Nathan Gibbons - Bass

Luke Williams- Drums


Having formed in a dirty rehearsal room in late January 2013, Manchester's Kassoma aim to take the music world by storm with their forthcoming début single 'Control'.


Control was recorded in Manchester by Danny Lister of AgeBase, mixed in London by Simon Cullwick (Arctic Monkeys / OMD) and Mastered by Robin Schmidt (Emeli Sandé / Mumford & Sons) of 24/96 in Karlsruhe, Germany. The video was filmed in Manchester City Centre by Jonathan Buck & Garry Greenaway of Two Headed Snake Productions. Since the video went on YouTube the response has been phenomenal. Stay tuned for full release details!

Think: Upbeat, Anthemic, Atmospheric, Intense, Dramatic & you have Kassoma.

K A S S O M A (BandApp)

K A S S O M A On Facebook

K A S S O M A On Twitter


As we have said already, we at "The Dark Tower” seldom deal with new Bands, Groups or Solo Artist’s as a rule. But we would like it very much if you would take a look at the Debut Video Track "Control”, and, if you like it then click "Like”, if you would like to follow the band, then please click on "Subscribe”, and it goes without saying that everyone likes to show their very own support now and again by "Commenting”. This is the "Upbeat”, the "Anthemic” sound of now, the "Atmospheric” feel that many have been waiting for, the "Intense” and "Dramatic” substance that truly is "KASSOMA”…Rock On…

K A S S O M A – CONTROL (Official Debut Single)

Category: Music: Review (Bands) | Views: 1062 | Added by: MKDS67 | Tags: Kassoma Band, Will Tait, the dark tower, Manchester Music, James Moon, Luke Williams, Nathan Gibbons, Kassoma On Facebook, Kassoma Control Review | Rating: 5.0/1
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