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Main » 2013 » March » 3 » Norbert Surówka (aka DJ 2basses)
4:00 PM
Norbert Surówka (aka DJ 2basses)

DJ 2basses is Norbert Surówka. He was born in Valladolid, Spain. Since 2003 he has been both a DJ and music producer living in Zakopane.

Music has been a part of his life since he was young. He started his music education in elementary school and continued through high school. Since turning 12 he has been interested in electronic music. It was then when he met people who helped him through the first steps in acoustics, DJ equipment and how to use it. For the next several years he was training himself and gaining knowledge about the club music mixing techniques. Because of his hard work at age of 16, he played in several clubs. A year later he was a resident DJ for one of the clubs in Zakopane.

In 2009 he received his DJ certificate from DJ Promotion. He then met a few music producers like Alien in Transit, who helped him expend into the European market. In 2010 two of his sets were played on Greek, English, and Dutch radio stations. The same year he also took part in the event "DJ K'Reeves B-Day Party" next to Marcel Woods, Angelo Mike, Arctic Moon, First State, Toxic Noiz, Sebastian S., DJ K'Reeves, MicRoChips & Mollo, Alex Di Stefano, DJ Wojtala, Stante T., Andrea Roma, D. Ramirez, DJ Lucca, DJ Tomala, Jonas Stenberg, Andrew Bennet, DJ Greco, Paul Ercossa, DJ Solano, Mario Ayuda, Jackob Rocksonn, Mark Sixma (M6), Bart Claessen, Krzysztof Chochlow, Joe B. & Sabas, Kris O'Neil.

In 2011 he played in clubs like Vavavoom, in which he became a resident. He was also played on a German radio station Globalbeats in DJ Ele's show - Mission Horizon. 2012 was a big year for DJ 2basses. His best shows included live music with Arcadioo Violin (violin), Grzegorz Piwowoński (saxophone), Michał Dziewiński (drums), Mad Fiddle (violin). Early 2012 he played in a series of shows in Vavavoom called " Smartie Partie" with artists mostly known in London or Ibiza like Mark Wilkinson, Beatsworkin, Jamie Bawn, Alex Dempster, Matt Purkis, Scot Mochan, Pete Dorling, Reece Brett, Jaynee Wilkins and Andrew Johnston.

After his set "Lost in Trance" he was invited to a radio show in Norway. Last autumn he took part in the show next to Polish DJs/producers Junkie Punks "Project X Poland"in Zakopane. By the end of the year his first productions are going to be complete. His passion is Trance and House, even though we can hear different music influences in his sets. His portfolio includes shows in clubs like: Vavavoom (Z-ne),ADHD (Nowy Targ), Czekolada (Bielsko-Biała), Magnetism (Kielce), Ultraviolet (Kielce), Dworzec Tatrzański (Z-ne), Prestige (Z-ne), Finlandia Arctic Club (Z-ne), Genesis (Z-ne), Paparazzi (Z-ne), Rockus (Z-ne), Inferno (Z-ne), oraz Heaven & Hell (Nowy Targ). Also radio stations such as Trance FM (Holandia), Globalbeats FM (Niemcy), Radio 3 Norge (Norwegia), Dance Radio Global (Grecja), 1 Mix Radio (UK), Radio Efora (PL), Radiotuba (PL) and Radio AZ (PL).

His portfolio includes shows in clubs like: ADHD (Nowy Targ), Magnetism (Kielce), Ultraviolet (Kielce), Vavavoom (Z-ne), Dworzec Tatrzański (Z-ne), Prestige (Z-ne), Finlandia Arctic Club (Z-ne), Genesis (Z-ne), Paparazzi (Z-ne), Rockus (Z-ne), Inferno (Z-ne), oraz Heaven & Hell (Nowy Targ). Also radio stations such as Trance FM (Holandia), Globalbeats FM (Niemcy), Radio 3 Norge (Norwegia), Dance Radio Global (Grecja), 1 Mix Radio (UK), Radio Efora (PL), Radiotuba (PL) and Radio AZ (PL).

MKDS Reviews...

After listening to DJ 2basses' "Lost in Trance" 2012 Set, the actuality hit my senses that this DJ is far from your 'Normal' Deck-Mix Jocks, but something more. In the set of "Lost in Trance" the listener is able (depending on how loud you have it up on the car stereo, hi-fi or MP3 Player) to witness the unleashed passion that this guy puts 100% into the result - a result that will have many reaching for the "Play Again" button.

Lost in Trance 2012 set has crossed many styles, the bass, the melody and even the vocals throughout this 1 hour 1 minute set encourages the feet, legs and hands to move, while the embodied 'Sub-Basses', take the listener onto a whole new level. Its finely mixed, it doesn't choke the ambience when in Melodic Style and at the end of the set the DJ takes care to wind down the hectic, sometimes chaotic overtures that would otherwise leave them all hanging -a beginning, a middle to peak, and then a wind down to slowly settle on a fantastic conclusion of a musical night.

The Dark Tower will be keeping a good eye on Norbert Surówka (DJ 2basses), and certainly give support where we can towards his performances, highlights and deliverance of his work out in the Public Domain. We wish you all the best Norbert and look forward to hearing your next set.


Norbert Surowka -aka- DJ 2basses's work can be found HERE.

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