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Music: Group Review [1]
Reviews of Bands or Bands that have more than a Single person fronting, Singing, Performing. This may also include "Piece Bands", which are made up of Instrumentalists.
Music: Solo Review [0]
The "Review" of Solo Artists Only, where the inclusion of a single DJ with a Singer can be included.
Music: Video or Film [0]
The instances where a Solo, Group or Piece Band has created, made or released a visual music video that goes alongside a track submission. This can also include a Music Video from the likes of YouTube, My Space or VIVO.
Music: Submissions [0]
Submissions of "Band Reviews" where the Group or Solo Artists has surrendered their Review to "The Dark Tower" for Posting within "The Dark Tower" or upon "The [MKDS] Network" conduits.
Music: Loose Talk [2]
A Free Talking category where anything goes - but within Moderation of careful speaking. Please refer to "Website Policies" where applicable.
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Album Listings will be shown here in Support of the Artists that feature upon "The Dark Tower" Music Review Website. You are more than welcome to "Source" the information on this page for "Credibility", and, if we can be completely honest about the "Information" lines in today's world there is a possibility that errors may occur from time to time.



1 Airport

2 Morning Dove - - [Reviewed On "The Dark Tower]

3 Mad Hatter (Paper Cutout In A Housefire)

4 Lights out

5 Letter To Olivia

6 My Darling Aires

7 Buy Time

8 Sundrenched Elsewhere

9 Woods

10 Bright New Machine

11 Pioneers

12 Skyscraper Suicides

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