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Music: Group Review [1]
Reviews of Bands or Bands that have more than a Single person fronting, Singing, Performing. This may also include "Piece Bands", which are made up of Instrumentalists.
Music: Solo Review [0]
The "Review" of Solo Artists Only, where the inclusion of a single DJ with a Singer can be included.
Music: Video or Film [0]
The instances where a Solo, Group or Piece Band has created, made or released a visual music video that goes alongside a track submission. This can also include a Music Video from the likes of YouTube, My Space or VIVO.
Music: Submissions [0]
Submissions of "Band Reviews" where the Group or Solo Artists has surrendered their Review to "The Dark Tower" for Posting within "The Dark Tower" or upon "The [MKDS] Network" conduits.
Music: Loose Talk [2]
A Free Talking category where anything goes - but within Moderation of careful speaking. Please refer to "Website Policies" where applicable.
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 So, What Are We? 
The Dark Tower Music Review

Okay, so you turn on the Radio, put a CD in the player or go out into the city for a good night up front and personal with a favourite Band or Musician at the local Watering Hole. The whole point of the excersize is to find some kind of responsive action, something that will stay with you for some time to come in the future, and yet, never leave your thoughts as being one particular moment in your life when you were truly happy. And, speaking of the Truth and being honest about our unhinged manner of descipline, exactly what form of person would have it any different?

We look upon many things in this world as different, but then, with the difference there is a unique way in which we see an individual moment. With The Dark Tower, our staring upon the unique, the different and the things that others would otherwise see as insignificant cannot and will not go unoticed in this life. Music is a gift to more than our ears, it is a gift to the emotions and behaviour of human instincts; to laugh, to cry, to wince, to scowl, to hate and to love are just a few examples. Why is every person different from another? Because each person is different to a degree and a degree is something that must be investigated to the fullest.

Where do stand? We stand in front, by the side and behind; in front of those who make the music, by the side of those who through greedless passions provide the support, organization and motivation, and stand behind the crowds of fans who drive the passion, the following voice of inspiration, faith and eternal friendship. We stand in favour, not against the growing numbers of creators who day by day embrace new ideas, new methods and new interventions for the future generations. That is where we stand and stand we will for a long time to come, too, when all those who rub their hands together with the glee-ridden Dollar icon are well and truly faded.

This is The Dark Tower and we are the people who fill the empty spaces with a foundation of stone that can never be chipped, tarnished, broken or smashed.

What We Do?

We listen to many, many, many Music tracks

We absorb the music to points of satisfaction

We discuss the fundamentals, the core, key elements

We review the end result with Truth and Compassion, but with Honesty and No Holds Barred

We talk of the ups and downs of the results with tactful intelligence that is unique

We grow within a Community that shares their own valid points that are essential to its rise

And, we Unite those who are in Tune with the Past, Present and Future of Music...


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