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 Back2Basics: Back In Time - The 1990's 
The emphasis on the 1990's comes with one well made point of reference, and that reference is purely the "Foundation"; building blocks, steps, monolith's and roots that have created, carried and bared the soul's to many of the musical influences in today's music. It goes without saying, that without these Musical Influences of yesteryear, the whole presence of great bands today would never have occurred. This is the Page that gives the readers of "The Dark Tower" a whole new rundown on some of those "Bands", "Groups", "DJ's" and other historical influences that "Changed" a whole Nation. Lest not forget - The Acid House Movement began in the United Kingdom - in the Clubland World's that we of the 90's Generation called "Sanctuary", only the sweet success of soothing music brought us all home safe. Hands up, join the crowd and await the rising of the morning sun.
The nights of Disco began to change in and around 1984 - 1987, and finally becoming main stream in 1988 with the barrage arrival of "Acid House". So scared were the Powers that be of this Nationally rising and popular Culture, that all efforts to stop it were put into force - Almost like The Radio Caroline Incident - where Organisers, Musicians, DJ's, and their followers became the Targets in which would make History. The "Band Wagons" pulled up outside every Club, Event and Farmers Field across the whole United Kingdom, their sole purpose was that in which to "Re-Light" and "Ignite" the spark of the 1960's....but with one huge difference....Alertness and Organisation.

We hear many people - Bloody educated people at that - living this lie of information where their knowledge has been compromised by the "Hype". The history of "Rave" was adapted and conjoined by the linking from "Hip-Hop", and "Acid House" that was created by the "Creator Of House", who lived and emerged from London, England, UK. By the spread of the "Acid House Party", which was, as many know were "Illegal", the "Underground Sound" submerged itself into "The Underground"; the music was dashed, referred and rumoured to be nothing than "Set Points" for "Illegal" organised gangs, gangsters, criminals, the "Underworld". This was and still is not true, although there were many of these elemental individual's who decided to use the cover of the "Music Culture" shift to make "Ill Gotten Gains" from the "Illegal House Parties".

One true fact of "Acid House", was that it DID NOT come from anywhere across the sea - The term you are looking for here is "EuroBeat" that emerged several years later after the Europeans saw that they could make money in the Styles, Samples and Events - but realistically speaking the whole idea and concept came from the United Kingdom.

Here are just a few examples of the "Wake of Jack" and the illumination of Britain's greatest enemy to the Powers that be:

Zode Royale - Mad Marshall

Sello: Warrior Records

Formato: Lp,Recopilatorio

Artista: Zode Royale

Tema: Mad Marshall 3

Estilo: Electronic, House

In Brief: Zode Royale's Mad Marshall 3 track appeared on one album "Acid Beats 2" (of which we are one proud owner of the original vinyl Promo), along with many others that sparked one of the most successful "Acid House" crossover music constructs, it was the success of Zode Royale that differed from the shared collective sound of other Acid House Bands, Groups and DJ's.

To date, and a way to prove that the concept of "Promo" and "White Label" pressing being worth its weight in gold, "Various Artist - Acid Beats 2" that includes Zode Royale, will sell for an average £50 - £70 per track. Wow! That's like a lot of Discount Big Mac's at £0.99p a burger.

And so, back to the Album. If the music is listened to very, very carefully by the Readers of "The Dark Tower" or the actual owner of the album, they will notice something about the whole feel, atmosphere and construction of the album that not many other's will - The foundations set inside the tune, the melody, the vocals and everything else that makes up the 8 to 12 tracks on the album are "Echoed" further down the line in the latter 90's and within the music influences of today in the 21st century. Acid House was designed by a manufacturing genius who would have their finger on the button of a "Musical Pulse" that is a ripple through time, hesitating at set times and generations to be adapted, re-calculated, and eventually expanded by other musical genius's along the way. Where is it now? You may well ask. Is this sound in the crossover parts of the Pop, Rock, Metal, Goth, Psypunk, Industrialised Techno, perhaps. The point that is being made here, is the fact that the "Influence" of music is everything to do with the future progression of the "Mused Pleasure" in music.

Zode Royale - Mad Marshall 3

 ©The Dark Tower/The Network 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Pink- Sometimes

Pink Sometimes.

Warrior Records. 1990

Don't know a lot about who Pink is or was, but this is probably the best track on Warriors, Techno 1, Compilation.

In Brief: Yes, the Album - Various Artists Techno UK 1 brought along some of the more "Indie-Style" Groups and Bands that had no established names in the music business, but  hasn't this been the case of many musicians since? Sam Sparrow (Black & Gold), Joee (Angel), and many more, that through the chasms of time have rose from Zero to Hero within the Charts and beyond.

Pink **** Please Note: The following details have been tracked and followed through all known databases and conduits that have been happy to source our attempts of finding out information, facts and valued present day occurences of this Band. There may be a little info within this Biography which may be argued, though the facts remain in the Archives of one of the largest (If not the largest) Database of music and is, as is, as it is written here.

Pink was a late 1980s new wave band from Japan. Members included Yutaka Fukuoka (vocals/guitar), hajime okano (vocals/bass), Atsunobu Yakabe (vocals/drums), Hoppy Kamiyama (vocal/keyboards), Steve Eto (vocals/percussion), and Hidehiro Shibuya (vocals/guitars) Osamu Sakasai (vocals/guitars).

The band Pink formed as a collaboration between ビブラトーンズ (Vibratones) member Yutaka Fukuoka and Hero member Hoppy Kamiyama. The two were joined by hajime okano, Kamiyama’s fellow bandmember in the rock group ショコラータ (Gun Blast). Atsunobu Yakabe, Osamu Skasai, and percussionist and former model Steve Eto rounded out the lineup.

The group released the singles 砂の雫 (Drops of Sand) and プライベートストーリー (PRIVATE STORY) in 1984. Pink self-produced their first self-titled album, Pink, May 25, 1985 under their "MOON Records” label.

The band went on to release 光の子 (Child of Light) in February 1986 and two more albums, PSYCHO-DELICIOUS and CYBER in 1987.

At this point, the growing popularity of Pink caught the attention of major record labels. Hoppy Kamiyama would land a two-album deal with Toshiba EMI. The deal would end badly for Kamiyama after production of his critically acclaimed work was cut due to low sales. He would then go on to form his own labels, God Mountain (named for the English translation of his Japanese surname) and God Ocean

It was the British record label, RIME that produced PSYCHO-DELICIOUS. The English-language single, 英語版 (Soul Flight) was also released under RIME.

Sony Epic produced the 1987 album DAYDREAM TRACKS.

The band returned to independent production in 1988 for FINAL MIX. In 1989, Osamu Sakasai took over on guitars for RED & BLUE.

Each member of the band was an established musician in their own right and they continued to work on solo projects while involved with Pink. Finally, Steve Eto left the band in 1988 to pursue his own interests, leading to the eventual collapse of Pink and the end of production of new material.

Pink continues to tour today with lineups consisting of varying members of the original group as well as support artists. In March 2002, they released a greatest hits compilation The Best of Pink.

Pink - Sometimes (Music Only)

© The Dark Tower/The Network 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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