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Music: Group Review [1]
Reviews of Bands or Bands that have more than a Single person fronting, Singing, Performing. This may also include "Piece Bands", which are made up of Instrumentalists.
Music: Solo Review [0]
The "Review" of Solo Artists Only, where the inclusion of a single DJ with a Singer can be included.
Music: Video or Film [0]
The instances where a Solo, Group or Piece Band has created, made or released a visual music video that goes alongside a track submission. This can also include a Music Video from the likes of YouTube, My Space or VIVO.
Music: Submissions [0]
Submissions of "Band Reviews" where the Group or Solo Artists has surrendered their Review to "The Dark Tower" for Posting within "The Dark Tower" or upon "The [MKDS] Network" conduits.
Music: Loose Talk [2]
A Free Talking category where anything goes - but within Moderation of careful speaking. Please refer to "Website Policies" where applicable.
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It's been a while...

THE DARK TOWER first began to Review Musician's back in 1991 - A pinnacle year for "The Network Founder". The very first 'Review' that we did, believe it or not, was Mark Summers' "Magic Roundabout/Summer's Magic', one of the most played 'Dance Tracks' of the 1990's Club Scene:

Starting his musical career as a London club DJ at the age of 15 (p ... Read more »

Attachments: Image 1
Category: Music: Loose Talk | Views: 788 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 02.14.2015 | Comments (0)

The Dark Tower Music Review Site is moving...

After a lot of talk and discussion over the past few months, we decided that four (4) of our best Blogs would be invested in to a point where they would have more exposure. And so, when "The [MKDS] Network's" "The Red Hive Project" took flight and became a reality within the Internetwork and Global Community, it came back with its very own placement.

On Sunday 14th April, 2013, "The Dark Tower", "The DVD Archive" and "Tomorrow's News Today", will merge together as one - for the very first time - and become a large part of "The Red Hive"; a mixture of "News", "Reviews", "Exclusives" and more.

You, as a visitor can visit the website that is going to become a heavy contender throughout the Internet now by clicking ... Read more »
Category: Music: Group Review | Views: 1704 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 04.03.2013 | Comments (0)

Okay, so "The Dark Tower" Music Review Website is still a spring chicken, right? It's really only a young site that has a few "Reviews" on it, right? Well, all that is about to change people, because we have a "Check-List" of the Artists.

Reviewed: The following Groups/Bands & Solo Artists can be found on the following "Links" -

Category: Music: Loose Talk | Views: 1422 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 07.06.2012 | Comments (0)

For more than 12 years now, Death In Vegas' "Aisha" has still persisted in 'Playlists' all over the world, even though its very first Formatted Position was on the Sony Playstation 2's hugely popular "Gran Tarismo 3: A-Spec" which has sold over 50 million units since its release.
Going from Game Console to Chart Hit was a very difficult and enduring strategy, because most, if not all those unknown groups from way back then would have failed the 'Mainstream Insertion' of Charts. Luckily for Death In Vegas, they had several secret weapons to stride alongside them; two great musicians, an Iconic singer and the growth of the "Games Revolution".

Read "The Dark Tower's" Review and see for yourself (Maybe, like us) for the first time the "X-Rated" Official Music Video to the track t ... Read more »
Views: 943 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 06.27.2012 | Comments (0)

A very warm welcome to "The Dark Tower", the music review BlogSpot that is going to show you a very different side to the coin of Music construction, and fundamentals of melodic cultural entwinings. When you are ready to take the Key Notes by the hand and allow them to bring you inside a consortium of relevance, enchantment and core-laden discussion, then we will begin...

The Dark Tower offer's only the pickings of Music past, present and future. It offer's nothing more than music that has been created, made and in development, while on the other side of the coin we have the music that has influenced a hundred of our generations through the keyhole of space and time - to which we named History - while among the seedless growth of the Music Industry, we are subjected to
... Read more »
Views: 1807 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 06.20.2012 | Comments (0)

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